Bars & Barstools

Bars & Barstools

Bars & Barstools in Boynton Beach, FL

What is a game room without a bar stocked with delicious drinks and yummy snacks? After hours playing pool, foosball, table tennis, and more, you are definitely going to want to take a break to sip a cold beverage or munch on something savory. What better place to do this than at your own bar? At Boynton Billiards, we can supply you with beautiful, hand-crafted bars and barstools to give your game room a finishing touch.

We carry the following products:

  • California House
  • Darafeev
  • Tradewind Treasures

Are you looking for expertly designed, custom bars & barstools?

Our bars and barstools are a great addition to your game room if you love to entertain guests; these pieces of furniture will allow you to throw the best parties! If you are looking for expertly designed, custom manufactured pieces of furniture, you can trust Boynton Billiards to supply you with that exact stool or bar you are looking for. Our stools and bars are crafted out of only the finest materials including:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany

If you are looking for pieces that are stylish, comfortable, and built with excellence, our stools and bars measure up. They are designed to give you many features and options. For solidly built pieces that come in a variety of sizes, styles, and configurations, contact us today at 561.536.5578.


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  • Sunday & Holidays By appointment only
  • *WPB/FLL closed on Mondays

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