Chairs & Benches

Our game chairs are designed to match today’s hottest trends. Made-to-order with your choice of finish color and fabric.

  • California House C2905
    C2905 Game Chair
  • California House C2910
    C2910 game chair casters
  • California House C2915
    C2915 Game Chair casters
  • California House C3010 Game Chair
    C3010 game chair casters
  • California House C3710
    C3710 game chair casters
  • California HouseC4105 Game Chair
    C4105 game chair
  • California HouseC5510 Caster Gamechair
    C5510 game chair casters
  • California House C6110 Game Chair
    C6110 game chair casters
  • California HouseC6205 Game Chair
    C6205 game chair
  • California House C6210
    C6210 game chair casters
  • California House C8205 Game Chair
    C8205 game chair
  • California House C8210
    C8210 game chair casters
  • California House C9810 Caster Game Chair
    C9810 game chair casters
  • California House CR550 Spectator
    CR550 Spectator chair
  • California House C2000
    C2000 game chair
  • California House CR620 Storage Bench
    CR620 storage bench
  • California House CR968 Storage Bench
    CR968 storage bench
  • California House Storage Bench CR768 Storage Bench
    cr768 storage bench

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Our West Palm Beach Location will be closing temporarily starting 3/21/2020 @5pm.

The Boynton Location will remain open for now. It is located @ 1950 S. Federal Hwy. - Boynton Beach, FL 33435.

Phone (561) 736-7665.


We are monitoring the situation closely. Everyone's Health and Safety is our biggest concern. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Thank you all! Be safe & stay healthy!